《Cobras Club》专注“Hack”域名投资,包括但不限于国别、新顶级、特殊字符等,极具个性色彩的域名。希望本站能为喜欢Hack域名的玩家提供一些有意义且有价值的内容,感谢您的到访与支持!

—— COBRAS / 眼镜蛇俱乐部


  1. 呆哥说道:

    哇哦!Dai.Ge 是算还是不算呢?

  2. 崽崽说道:


  3. Bill Roy说道:

    Hi All,

    I would be honoured if I could join the club.

    I presently am developing Go.LA (‘Go Los Angeles’).

    I own and, though selling these two domains so as to concentrate on Go.LA.

  4. Bill Roy说道:


    Bill Roy here. I have several hacks:,, and now Go.LA. I am selling the first two ( and to solely work on developing the last, Go.LA as ‘Go Los Angeles’.

    Although obviously not Chinese I would really be honoured to join this club.

    • COBRAS说道:

      Hi Bill,

      it is a pleasure to see your visit and welcome you to join the Cobras Club. I think that as domain name lovers should know no borders, we welcome all the domain name Hack players around the world to join us to strengthen our team, communicate with each other, and learn from each other. At the same time, we will put your two Hack domain names in our display list, and will be placed in the club members, so that more domain name investors can see you and your If you have an investor who favors your domain name, we will contact you as soon as possible to obtain a quotation. We will also promote such domain names in the Chinese market for a certain period of time. Thank you again for your visit, and you are welcome to join!

      ——— COBRAS/眼镜蛇俱乐部

      • Bill Roy说道:

        Hi Cobras,

        Thank you, I am indeed honoured by you accepting me and letting me join the ranks.

        If at anytime I may help please feel free to ask and if I can help then I will.

        Yours sincerely,


        • COBRAS说道:

          Hi Bill,

          Thank you for your sincerity and common interest, so that we have the destiny to come together, communicate more, if there is any need for our help, we will do our best. Sincerely, here, I wish you a smooth work and a happy life.

          ——— COBRAS/眼镜蛇俱乐部

  5. Jason Jonathan说道:

    Dear Sir, (粉刺)is for sale, pls help add to your portfolio, many thanks!

    Best regards,

  6. Jason Jonathan说道:

    Hi There,

    This is here, I’d like to join your club,
    I also own below,

    • COBRAS说道:

      Welcome to join the Cobra Club, we will put your site domain name on the club member list page, please keep your website operating normally.
      At the same time, other domain names you hold will also be placed on the club’s domain name display page. If someone is interested in your domain name, we will contact you for a quotation.
      Welcome again, best wishes.

  7. Max说道:


    This is Max of I thought I’d drop you a line to let you know that we are auctioning off our portfolio made of 45 premium domain hacks.
    The auction is happening at ( and ends tomorrow.

    Please feel free to write me if you have questions.



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